Microsoft Hololens

Real-time Animate-able asset for Microsoft Hololens

Microsoft Hololens – Microsoft Studios - Hololens

Working on creating 3D Content for Microsoft Hololens as a Senior 3D Artist, closely with Designers and Programmers to implement new ideas quickly.

Produce a variety of assets from character, hard surface, environment, props, fully executing them often without concepts within a few hours
Generating assets from ideation to in engine / device and into leads, designers and programmer’s hands in a timely fashion.

Finding creative ways to achieve various styles, within the limited constraints of the Hololens and quick turnaround times required by the various projects.

Engaged with Mixed Reality, and create art that would be seen juxtaposed with the real world, in motion, to scale, interactive.

Helping to create illustrations and theoretical visualizations from knowledge gained from career and free-time projects and study, this includes camera matching, photogrammetry and rendering t

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